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  • What is a DIR Harness?
    A DIR harness is a continuous harness system that is attached to the backlate with strap stoppers. D rings can be attached steplessly to the harness.
  • What is an OMS IQ Lite ?
    A OMS IQ Lite Wingsystem is a very light diving system. The lightest on the diving market. It is very comfortable and very suitable for travel. In the Signature version, the OMS IQ Lite has two weight pockets. The IQ Lite is available with or without a cummerband. (Belly band with Velcro)
  • What are the sizes of the OMS Harness III
    The OMS Harness III can be adjusted from size XS - XXL via the shoulder pads. A size chart is located on the inside of the shoulder pads. The waist belt is cut accordingly. Usually 10 - 15cm is allowed to protrude. The OMS Harness III can be mounted on any standard backplate. Size adjustment of the OMS Harness III from XXL to XS
  • Which OMS wing bladder is suitable for which OMS harness?
    Each OMS wing bladder can be combined with any OMS harness system. OMS diving systems can be used modularly. The question is which scuba tanks and where you prefer to dive. Get advice:
  • What is the distance between the holes in the OMS Wings?
    The passages for the screws or bolts have a distance of 280mm. These are standard measurements.
  • Can you dive any scuba tank with any OMS wing bladder?
    No, there are OMS wing bladders for mono scuba tanks and for double scuba tanks. These are cut accordingly and have the appropriate size. The OMS Performance Mono Wing Bladders 27lbs. Or 32lbs. The Performance Double 45Lbs. For double bottles. There are also the OMS Hybrid Wing bladders that are suitable for mono or double bottles. The Deep Ocean Wing bubble with external bungees or the OMS Deep Ocean 2 with internal bungees.
  • How is an OMS Harness III mounted on a backplate?
    There is a video that explains step by step how the OMS Harness III is mounted on a backplate.
  • Which OMS wing systems are there?
    There are a variety of OMS wing systems. OMS diving systems are modular. This means that all harnesses and wing bladders can be combined with one another.
  • Can an OMS Harness III be mounted on any backplate?
    Theoretically it is possible. However, to give you the guarantee that everything fits, you should use OMS Backlate.
  • What is OMS SmartStream
    The OMS SmartStream is an OMS harness system with a continuous webbing. Putting the leg on and taking it off, you pull the harness (webbing) and can thus easily get in or out. It always sits perfectly. The OMS SmartStream has no additional buckles. The OMS SmartStream is also available in the signature version with weight pockets and back padding.
  • What is the difference between OMS Harness III and OMS SmartStream
    These are two different OMS harness systems. The OMS Harness III has stainless steel buckles in the chest area to open and the OMS SmartStream a continuous harness that adapts to the body by pulling. Both OMS harness systems can be submerged with only the backplate and wing or completely in the signature variant. Signature means with back pad | Trim weight pockets and quick release pockets on the right and left. One has an additional pocket.
  • What is a Public Safety Harness.
    The OMS Public Safety Harness is a harness system for extreme use underwater. It is also very popular with rescue workers. The shoulder pads are very hard and the backplate is heavy. The harness has weight pockets for 8 kg per side. The OMS Public Safety Harness can be submerged with any OMS wing bladder. Also with mono or double bottles.
  • What are bungees on the OMS wing bladders for?
    There are several variants. There are OMS wing bladders with external bungees ( OMS Deep Ocean ) and there are OMS wing bladders with internal bungees. ( OMS Deep Ocean 2 ) The bungees reduce lift by compressing the wing bladder. They are so-called hybrid wings. These wing bladders can be used for mono-bottles and for double-bottles. With the OMS wing bladder OMS Deep Ocean 2, the size of the wing bladder can be adjusted before use underwater. All OMS wing bladders are modular and can be combined with all OMS harness systems.
  • Can an OMS IQ Lite wing system be upgraded to an OMS Harness III?
    No, there are no upgrade sets for this. The diving systems are too different. If you want to convert an OMS IQ Lite into an OMS Harness III, then you need the OMS Harness III Rigging Kit , a Backplate, a wing bladder and for mono tanks two OMS tank straps .
  • How heavy is an OMS backplate?
    There are two standard OMS backplates. OMS stainless steel backplate: 2.8 kg OMS aluminum backplate: 0.8 kg
  • Can I remove the OMS Pee Valve from my wetsuit?
    Yes, there is a blind plug for the OMS Pee Valve. Furthermore, the OMS Pee Valve can be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes. Here is the OMS Pee Valve Manuel - the description of the product
  • Is the OMS Harness 2 still manufactured and are there spare parts available for it?
    No, the old OMS Harness 2 is no longer manufactured. The OMS Harness 3 was developed for this. The OMS Harness 3 has more functions than the old OMS Harness 2.
  • How to measure the size of the Nordic Blue Tapered Cuff Dry Diving Gloves
    For the Nordic Blue dry diving gloves, the heel of the hand is measured. Here are instructions for this:
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